Check out my article in Health Affairs!

I had an article in Health Affairs in September about navigating New York City as a senior citizen: take a look at it here!

I was also interviewed about the piece in a short video that you can watch here.

About blogginggrandma

I'm 86. Legally blind. But a force to be reckoned with!
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1 Response to Check out my article in Health Affairs!

  1. Miriam Willinger says:

    Dear Sheila,
    Renee Wolff forwarded an e mail to me which included access to your blogs. I have just spent a few hours reading them and having the best time. I am a 92 year old kid, born and raised in NYC who moved to Dover 65 years ago when I got married. I, too,taught in the city – Fort Apache, the South Bronx, then Christopher Columbus High School, then Morris High School. Then I married and moved where my husband’s business was, Rockaway, NJ. I raised 3 children and returned to teaching which I enjoyed thoroughly. I didn’t have time, however to deal with their problems. So I took my Master’s degree in counseling. I spent 23 years as a counselor in Copeland Middle School where I met your son in law, Larry. He was 12 at the time. Later, I met Renee and Bob. When I retired, at 72, I joined their Great Books Group. Renee has told me about Perri and you, I thoroughly enjoyed your blogs, your attitude, and your determination to keep on producing. You’re a spunky inspiration.
    Mim Willinger

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